Saturday, October 20, 2007


Magnatune is an open source buzzword compliant... what exactly ? I'm not sure what are they since I did not visit their web site, but they surely did not save on buzzwords.

List of open source related buzzwords from the LinuxJournal "article":
"We Are Not Evil”
"Creative Commons "
"Open Source Community"
"Freedom Fighter"
" Open Music"
"source code”
"give it back to the community"
"crisis in music"
" Running on Open Source"
"Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL"

For god's sake, this is not an open source project, they are just trying to find a way to sell you some lousy albums that nobody would by! And their definition of "Open Music" is quite interesting, they invite you to "be a part of the Magnatune's marketing team by requesting free recruiting cards or printing Magnatune mini-posters and handing them out", i.e. work for them just because their web site runs on Linux!


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